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A profoundly spearheading and venturesome school, promised to give quality instruction accentuation on conventional qualities. This reformist reasoning has prompted inventive and imaginative instructing strategies that decidedly affects training. The understudies of Nashik Cambridge School are urged to create propensities for mind in a cheerful learning climate and subsequently school offers a wide, rich and testing educational plan, with an expansive openness to the human sciences like dance, dramatization, singing, workmanship and art and sports. The school likewise gives particular freedoms to seek after singular interests.

The classroom encounters are testing and intended to empower interest, self-articulation, satisfaction, and tasteful reasonableness. With restricted strength in each class, educators urge understudies to partake effectively in conversations, to cooperate innovatively to tackle issues, to convey their thoughts successfully, and to gain from one another.

The school tries to maximize the innate potential of each student and seeks to:

Develop in them the habits of the mind of a scholar to inculcate lifelong love for learning
Expose every student to the deep satisfaction that drives from service to others
Foster courage in them to live and think as distinct individuals
Enlarge the education experience to include the creative joy & aesthetic sensibility of an artist, and the vitality & competitive spirit of an athlete
Nurture the development of character to leading a purposeful life
Create curiosity and love for learning &
Empower them to take up responsibilities and make meaningful decisions